monoprints from wire constructions

I have been printing small wire constructions that are made with weaving and needle lace techniques. This ongoing series is called "Proof".

All the Holes

This is a sketch for a silkscreen project that I am calling "All the Holes". It involves collecting antique lace which I am really enjoying.


I found some beautiful vellum and am almost through printing the many layers. 
Big thanks to Ryan Statz for patiently guiding me through the screenprinting process.

three dimensional weaving

Woven monofilament and crin trim, 5ft x 20ft. "Crin trim" is a woven nylon ribbon. It has a lot of body to it. In this textile, I have used the crin trim in the weft and allowed it to periodically float or "escape" the weave structure. Where floating, the ribbon regains its full width and creates bubble shapes. This shape was repeated in the installation of the textile.